Information on our online courses

Teaching method

Our approach to teaching is as follows:
You prepare for the new learning material before the lesson at home by listening to the next units and the associated vocabulary several times. By preparing for the lesson at home you will not start the lesson from scratch. We do not spend unnecessary time explaining new vocabulary, but rather use the lesson to activate the unit content.

Teaching material

The teaching material consists of

  • a textbook with the dialogues and the related vocabulary
  • an audio cd wih the dialogues and the related vocabulary

The audio CD is used as a preparation for the lesson and for vocabulary training. You can use it to learn while driving or jogging or at any other place you like.

The texts and phrases have been developed by linguists together with native speakers. They were recorded in a studio by native speakers. Consequently, you will learn a natural spoken language, an accent-free pronunciation and the correct intonation. The material is constantly being updated.

Technical requirements

You only need a computer with a sound card, webcam ( optional) and the free program skype for online language courses via skype. In order to install skype for free on your PC, refer to

You will also need a stable internet connection and a high-quality headset (good headphones + microphone) - both is a condition for trouble-free communication with your online language trainer.

Teaching lessons and duration of the course

Our language courses include blocks of 10 lessons of 45 resp. 60 minutes (normally 2 lessons per week).

You decide with your online trainer on the day, time and intensity of the language course (usually 2 lessons per week).

Course schedule

Once you have registered for the skype course, you will receive an email with your teaching material for the first lesson, consisting of the dialogue and the accompanying audio files as a basis for your preparation of the first appointment. You'll also get the email address of your online trainer to appoint the first online date. In general, the course can start a few days after your registration and receipt of the course fee.

Trial lesson

We consider the first lesson as a trial lesson. If the course format should not meet your expectations, you can cancel the course after the first lesson. In this case, we will refund the full course fee.

You can find further information on the registration here.
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Your benefits

  • individual single course
  • learning without traffic jams whereever, whenever you want
  • immediate beginning of the course